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A Fresh Start

Something I have been considering for a while now is a name change. I felt like my “brand” was not really growing in the direction that I saw myself headed. Kind of like that moment when you realize you have outgrown your Hotmail account and are kind of embarrassed to tell people your email address, lol! I felt like my business was growing up in a way, and with the name that I had I felt restricted to do that.

It was hard for me to make the switch. Everly was the inspiration behind the Little Pickle business name, as well as the logo. I felt a strong emotional attachment. But, I felt confident that she would need a mama who was focused on growth and development more than a business named after her.

I had a few ideas in my head. I consulted various groups of people (clients, other members of my field, social media mavens, and two creative powerhouses). In the end they all said the same thing, go with your name, you are your brand. The hesitation I felt towards this was funny. I thought my name sounded funny as a business name, because, well, it was my name! (I wonder if the Hiltons had the same problem? ha ha!). But it grew on me. And so now, here I am:

Jessica Bender Photography

And, because no post to a photography blog is complete without a photo… here is my girl, my constant source of inspiration to be the best example of a woman that I can be.


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