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Day 8: August

Someone really came into his own in August. Becoming fully mobile, and learning a boat load of words has really enabled Matthew to interact with our family in ways like never before. Daily, I find my living room resembling a cage fighting arena. He fights back now. Hair pulling, biting, bloody lips- they happen all too regularly now. I have been so busy being a referee, and chasing them down (oh, wait referees do that too don’t they!). Picking a day for our project just kept slipping through the cracks as I focused all of my energy into working and keeping up with these too. So the last day of the month came and, well, it was go time. Just like last month, lol. After I type this post, I am having a peek at my calendar and choosing September’s photo day!

August was also a really difficult month for me as a parent. With two of them going in different directions, being oppositional, and fighting between each other, I found that by the end of the day I was completely frazzled. Work time felt like vacation time, ha ha. But, in my short journey in motherhood, I have learned that as children develop, so do in-tune parents. So, I am pretty confident that I will develop and tone up the new skills that I need. And if I don’t, well I will give my children lots of material to put in their memoirs one day.

So, here is August. See how many cheeky grins, and troublemaking faces you can spot, lol. Oh and just a heads up that there are a couple shots of Matty getting his 12 month immunizations. Know that he cried hard for about 30 seconds, and then was distracted my a rainmaker toy, and was totally fine!

  • Suzi - LOL! I giggled my way through those. You are in trouble :) Those are too cheeky-looking (and adorable!) monkeys!ReplyCancel

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