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Day 6: June

This is the post that almost didn’t happen- hence the delay! Something went awry with one of my card downloads and I lost a ton of data. I ran data recovery on the card, and was able to salvage some files, but not all. My computer recognized them as invalid and sent them to quarantine. I have two sets of file back up running, but of course all that meant was backing up corrupt files twice. It was heartbreaking. Print your photos people. Sometimes technology fails us, even when we are being “safe.” The files that were the most recent on the card were the ones that came back, so the theme of this month, by default, is: evening. This was our evening. And it’s pretty much like most our evenings. Time for family and play. My husband got a ton of the kids and I, secretly I was most relieved that those were saved, as I don’t have many. Another lesson- take more photos of yourself and your kids, and then print those too!!


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