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I remember when Everly was born, her first day seemed to last forever. Not in a bad way forever, but the honeymoon sort of forever. Then all of a sudden, she was twenty-four hours old, then one week, then one month, one year, and now here were are at three. Until you are a parent, you really don’t understand how quickly time can pass. There is regular time, and then parent time. Parent time should come with a Delorean. Although I absolutely adore the person Everly is becoming, I still miss those first days with her, tiny and brand new. I guess that’s a normal parent thing, isn’t it.

And, speaking of the person Everly is becoming, well I think she’s pretty darned amazing! Of course, being her mother I am a tiny bit biased, lol. She’s athletic, smart, tenacious, funny, creative, dramatic, empathetic; in a nutshell, she’s perfect. I was just telling a friend today that some of Everly’s best qualities, are also qualities that make her challenging to parent sometimes! Combine dramatic, smart and tenacious and you’ve got a fun time let me tell you. But the good moments far outweigh the challenging and I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

I interviewed her for this post, her answers are below. B and I were busting a gut at some of her answers. I think one day it will be fun for her to read them and over the years to see how they change. I intend to ask her the same ones every year for as long as she cooperates!

This session took place on her actual birthday in a nearby field. She was unbelievably cooperative. Yes, she might have been told that we would go to Qoola afterwards, but still, the quality of cooperation was amazing! My friend Emily and her little guy Kingston joined us as well, and oh my goodness that made for some adorable shots of the two kids. The light was trickier than it was supposed to be, the sky was dappled with clouds so we went from strong backlight to shade. It kind of gives the session variety though and I thought that was fun.

Happy birthday Everly. Thank you for the sunshine you bring into our lives every day. xoxo.

  • Alicia - Just wanted to let you know that it is amazing to hear you speak so lovely about your children when I see you. I’m so happy to finally see your work and check out the little monkeys that keep you so busy.

    Can’t wait till I see more from you. Have a wonderful Mothers Day and enjoy your family!ReplyCancel

  • Deb (aka Granny) - Excellent pictures as always Jess. You are a super talented photographer. I love the nature setting too, in the field; it’s beautiful, just perfect. Looks like the Evie & Kingston were having a ton of fun too!ReplyCancel

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