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From Belly to Baby (Literally)

Little Man L was in a rush to be photographed. About halfway through his mama Felicia’s maternity session, she looked at me with concern on her face and asked, “what does it feel like when your water breaks?” Ummm, file that under questions I have never been asked during a photo session! After a brief discussion we decided that it would be best for Felicia to contact her doctor while we finish the rest of the session (she insisted, and was in no danger). Felicia was sent to the hospital, and after 72 hours of back and forth, Mister L arrived! Yes, you read 72 HOURS.

And oh did he arrive. During our maternity session, Felicia commented on the recent c-section shoot that I was lucky to be able to do this past August. She joked that if she went to c-section delivery, she wanted me in there taking photos of the delivery; of course I said YES. Well it happened, and it was incredible. Felicia later commented on the photos, saying that it was like she was actually there. Feeling disconnected is something that I commonly hear from moms who deliver via c-section, so it was really special to hear that the images helped Felicia feel more present in the delivery of her baby boy. And it is especially wonderful to be able to share these images during C-Section Awareness Month.

One week after he was born, L came to visit me for his newborn photos. Sweet and hurried little man that he is, we had what I like to call a “pit stop” newborn session; sleep for 210 seconds, wake up for 60 seconds, soothe for 30 seconds, and repeat (for two hours). He wasn’t a fan of staying still, even swaddled. I tried all the tricks in the book, but no luck. I told mom to look out, this guy is in a rush to get where he is going, and will stop for nobody, ha ha!

Okay, now the good part, the photos! Below you will see Felicia’s entire journey which she was kind enough to allow me to share; pregnancy, delivery, and newborn; motherhood.

  • ทีเด็ดบอลชุด - That Amazing of the rebirth. Your photo i very good of the Amazing.ReplyCancel

  • Gigi - Absolutely beautiful baby and mom! I had a c-section 34 years ago (and another 30 years ago) and this is the first time I have ever seen pictures like this. Really beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • Bevy - Beautifully documented. Having three of these (C-sections) myself and working on a maternity floor for a couple of years… I can appreciate all the skill and undertaking that goes into every single birth. Each one is special and unique…in the moment.

    I can also relate to wondering what is going on, on the other side of the curtain. :)I always wished I could watch. My hubby not so much. He was grateful for the curtain… and having his own personal anesthesiologist on standby, just for him. LOL!

    Love the photos..ReplyCancel

  • C Johnson - Absolutely heart melting <3 Wonderful capture! So glad I stumbled upon this as I miss the view on the other side of the curtain as well. Going on my 7th .. this helps me focus on the end result and not the build up to it :) Thank you for getting it just right, and thank you to Mama for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • Krystal Speller - This is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing.ReplyCancel

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