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Day 11: November

Technically November “Day in the Life” did not happen. Somehow, I made it to December 2 before I realized that I hadn’t done a photo day. I say somehow, but really it’s not a mystery- I have just been that busy. Days have blended to weeks, and weeks have blended to months. I can believe the second weekend of December is approaching. I feel like September just arrived!

So my kids were photographically neglected this month as I recorded time, and memories for other people’s families. I like to think that Evie and Matty will understand, and maybe even be proud of me.

This post is short and sweet. A few snaps from a few moments of our day. With over 6000 images taken this month, I didn’t have the physical capability to do a full days worth of shooting and editing on top of my professional workload. My I injuries from the car accident last year are really starting to make themselves known since I went back to full time work. Muscle relaxers, tea, a heating pad, ice, and fresh baked cookies have been my support!

I promise that December will be great! My final month of this project!


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