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Day 10: October

October was unseasonably warm at the start. It was heaven. And I feel that it was owed to us since we had a really crappy start to summer. Photo day was HOT. We were all sweating!  It was even warm enough for ME to sit in a tank top (that’s saying a lot!). The photos in this post were taken on Thanksgiving Sunday; Evie, and Matty’s older cousins were in town for a visit, and we had so much fun! We went to the pumpkin patch, the beach, a yummy family dinner, and then watched Madagascar 3 with some popcorn before bed.

The rest of October went by in a blur! I was counting down the days until my trip to Hawaii, and can you blame me? By the time I left, the rain had arrived:(Hawaii was amazing, aside from the whole Tsunami issue. Yeah, that was a smidgeon more than mildly annoying! Back home, everyone survived without me (the nerve of them). My husband had help from some of the amazing women in my family. I am not a religious person, but I feel blessed to be surrounded by such generous hearts.

October brought some serious word gains for Matthew. He repeats nearly any simple word now, and has started pairing some words together. He is always reading books, and chattering away. This leads me to further believe that gender sterotypes are crappola! Here is my boy, sitting down and reading books, and talking. Sure, he also digs in dirt, throws food on the floor, and climbs quite proficiently (agggghhh! so scary!), but he is quite capable of sitting down to learn. Everly was the same. They are becoming very, very similar. So I think it’s more personality than biological sex.

Everly is loving preschool, gymnastics, dance, and swimming! Yes, that might sound like a lot, but it’s almost exactly what she needs to keep her energy manageable.Now that I think of it, we could likely add something else! She is really asking some challenging questions these days: what are policemen, what’s law, what are condoms, how she got out of my belly when she was born, why orange peppers are orange. The condom conversation went like this:

Evie picks up condom packet in doctor’s office, says: mama what’s this?

Me: um, well, that’s for mommies and daddies to use.

Evie: why?

Me: it’s so that they don’t have any more tiny babies

Evie: do you need some mama

Me: well, we are about four years too late for that question, but no, I don’t.

Everyone else in the office thought this was hilarious. I was flustered, and red faced… which does not happen to me a lot. I have a feeling that I had better get used to this.

And, here’s some photos…


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