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Day 7: July

July almost didn’t happen. This day is July 31, yep, absolute crunch time. July and August have been really busy for me with obligations. Some work, some familial, some purely pleasure- but it’s been packed. My photo-a-day project of Matthew’s first year came to an end on July 13, and since then holy cow, the amount of actual photos that I am taking of the kids has dropped significantly. I still get i-phone shots every day, but the “big camera” is living in my office more often than not these days. This is why I am really glad that I am doing these 12 days, it reminds me to document our lives, like I am documenting others! There are some shots this month that are among some of my most absolute favourite of my children, some that REALLY show their personalities, and that seriously made me giggle- see if you can spot them. And I didn’t bother with the evening, I felt that was covered last month after my entire post was dedicated to the evening due to a data back-up failure. Take pictures of your kids, do things with those pictures, document your life. Be a memory keeper for your family.


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