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10 Months

Babeh Babeh is 10 months old. Well, chronologically that is. Technically he’s officially 9 months now, and that’s a pretty darned exciting age! He is all about moving these days. In fact, he is moving so much that he didn’t gain any weight this past month. Babeh not gain weight, what, not even an ounce…? Nope. But this is the kid that gained a pound a week for a month straight, lol. He is still eating the same amount though (boatloads), so that really gives you an idea of just how much he moves! He is crawling, pulling to stand and couch cruising; he even stood on his own a few times this week. He says “mama,” “hi,” and “ball.” I think that “dada” and “dog” are near to being discriminate too. He points to everything now and makes the sound “dat” which leads me to believe that he might be saying “what’s that?” but I’m not 100% sure. My favourite is the two handed point, you know he is really serious about something when he does that! He is sleeping so much better. 10.5 to 12 hours each night solid, and about 3 hours worth of naps during the day; yes I am in heaven. He’s getting into mischief, going after plugs and cords of any kind. And lately he has developed the most outgoing, completely loveable little personality. He turns me to goo at least 10 times a day. He has 5 teeth, with the 6th almost down. And like I mentioned above- he has a voracious appetite. He yells at you if you are feeding him too slow these days, lol. His Infant Development Consultant, Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist are super happy with his progress. Right now we are just working on the quality of his skills, primarily those involving his core strength and transitions during his day. I am so, so, so proud of him. Okay, there’s my mama gush for the month, now check out some cuteness!

And of course the compare shot…

Everly at 10 months on the left, she was 29.5 inches tall and weighed 21 pounds. M at 10 months on the right, he is 30.5 inches tall and 23 pounds, 11 ounces.

  • Deb (aka Granny) - Matthew’s such a cutie. Do love that red hair. Great photography as always Jess. Love this setting on the beach too.ReplyCancel

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