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Day 4: April

The theme of this month; the mundane moments of our day. I picked a Sunday, a Sunday that we had no formal plans (how the heck did that happen!). I tried to capture those moments that usually go “un-captured” because, well, they’re generally thought of as boring! And it was kind of hard. I thought wow, we really aren’t doing anything exciting at all today, this is going to be one boring post! And so, I couldn’t help but create impromptu photo shoots of each kid when I saw the opportunity, lol. But I am really happy with how the day was recorded. This is my family. You will see below that the kids have some new tricks this month! The biggest of which are Everly fully submersing her head underwater and holding her breath (to a count of 5!) and Matthew pushing toys and cruising! Everly loves that she has a minion to push her around. I am thinking they would make a good Poison Ivy and Bain for Halloween, lol. Until next month…

  • Krysta - AWESOME camera jammies!!! Where did you find them?
    And adorable bare bum shot in front of the tub. Priceless :)ReplyCancel

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