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Day Two: February

The 12 Days Photo Project continues! After seeing the results last month, I was much more motivated to continue on this month. February 28, 2012 gave us some great shots, despite the poor weather. One thing that this project is teaching me is how to work in very low light without a flash. I am still a work in progress, but I find that I am fine tuning this skill much more than I ever would have without the project. I like that I can try out different things on my own family before I apply them in other people’s photo sessions. Yay for guinea pigs:)I haven’t selected the day in March that I am going to do, I feel like I need to plan some little outing to mix things up. I know that one day I am going to really treasure these images and I hope that E and M will too.

  • Deb (aka Granny) - Excellent photos Jess, you’re a super talented photographer. Such incredible pics of Matthew, Evie & Brandon. Great job! Thank-you for sending them to me. Will show to Grandpa.

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