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Half Birthday

Matty celebrated his half birthday on the 13th! Like everything in my life right now I am running a little behind in posting about it, lol! He celebrated with some jolly jumping and a quick portrait session. Where have these 6 months gone?! He is now sitting up, rolling both ways, pivoting in a circle on his belly and trying to inch forward (you will see the picture of that below). He makes a ton of sounds, baba, gahgah, mama, dada, ahoo, laboo… he’s so much fun to listen to. We have tried him on solids but he isn’t a fan. Guess we keep trying. Oh this baby of mine. And of course because no post is complete without some cute pictures here they are!

Here is Matty at 6 months on the left and Evie at 6 months on the right. Matty weighs 21 pounds, Evie weighed 17 pounds, 6 ounces. Matty is 28 inches long, Evie was 26 inches long. Isn’t it funny that they look around the same?!


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